Field Construction


Turnarounds are one of the most anticipated and time intensive events in a plant’s cycle. If done correctly, they can potentially lead to huge gains in the facility’s productivity and output.


Project Execution


Uncompromising safety

Field Construction


A Focus on Safety

We understand that a turnaround has inherent safety risks for all parties involved. That is why we make safety a top priority in addition to the work being completed. We ensure that all safety guidelines are thoroughly explained to workers and we provide on-going safety supervision.

Careful Planning

A turnaround is a complicated undertaking. Before we do anything we formulate a thorough plan that is tailored to meet the needs and situation of the particular customer and turnaround. Through this careful planning, we are able to maximize efficiency and provide superior results.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on establishing a close working relationship with each of our customers. This allows for clear, direct communication, ensuring that the primary objectives of the turnaround are well understood and have been carefully taken into consideration.

Dedicated Project Management

Overseeing a turnaround is a very complicated logistical undertaking. However, STI Group has years of experience in project management and we are dedicated to overcoming every obstacle that arises. We provide the scheduling services, record keeping, and multi-department interfacing that is necessary to keep the turnaround on track.

Employing Highly Skilled Workers and Craftsmen

Naturally one of the biggest and most important aspects of a turnaround is the actual labor that needs to be done. STI Group uses only the most highly skilled workers and craftsmen. Our workers are NCCER certified craftsmen and are extremely knowledgeable and proficient in their jobs.

Strong Budgeting and Cost Monitoring Services

The effect of a turnaround budget gone wrong can be devastating. That is why STI Group is so meticulous when it comes to cost monitoring and budgeting. We provide customers with a report on a day-to-day basis of the man hours used and other job-cost expenses to help keep them in the loop on this essential aspect of their turnaround every step of the way.

We customize these approaches and all of our services to fit the needs of each of our particular customers, allowing us to deliver the most personalized, effective results possible. STI Group maintains heritage of integrity, solid management, and long-term relationships with our customers. Management and manpower stability, direct communication, responsive decision-making, and effective project control, are trademarks of the our award winning operations.