Field Construction

Project Management

Project management is one of the most fundamental aspects of any major project in the petrochemical, refinery, and construction industries. Strong leadership and clearly communicated objectives provide the foundation for a successful project. This includes a vision for delivering the expected results in the pre-determined timeline with precisely calculated execution. A few of the integrated Project Management services we provide with include:


Project Execution


Uncompromising safety

Field Construction

Project Management


One of the most demanding aspects of a large industrial construction project is often the scheduling of the work itself. Shifts may need to be adjusted due to unexpected delays, extra construction workers may need to be found, or priorities may abruptly change. STI Group will oversee the scheduling of workers and employees to handle the construction project’s scope and monitor the project progress throughout completion.

Logistics and Execution

When there are many different phases of an industrial construction project and large groups of people working on it, it is very easy for the logistics to take on far-reaching proportions. STI Group will handle these logistics for you as well as oversee the project execution of each of the various aspects of the construction project. We will ensure that each interrelated job is completed as needed for each successive construction phase to begin.

Confer with Key Personnel

Large industrial and construction projects come with a large number of project stakeholders. This could be everything from department or team heads to general contractors and vendors. Efficient, effective communication with each of these key people is an imperative part of the successful large-scale construction project management. STI Group’s project management services take this into consideration and gives us the ability to confer successfully with each of the key players in your project.

Safety Protocols and Guidelines

No construction project is worth the cost of human injury or suffering, and yet many of the important projects undertaken in the heavy-duty construction industry, petrochemical, and refining industries do contain the potential for danger. Volatile chemicals and heavy machinery and equipment require extra care and thorough safety protocols. STI Group always emphasizes safety and will ensure that your construction project is completed safely and responsibly.

Track Costs

A fundamental part of good industrial construction project management is good cost control. STI Group has the necessary controls to keep your project running according to project budget. We also track and monitor project costs carefully so that if there are any unexpected expenses you will know exactly where they came from.

These are just a few of the industrial project management services that STI Group has to offer. The bottom line is that the needs of a particular construction project often vary. We have the experience, expertise, and flexibility to tackle these unexpected occurrences as they arise and keep your construction project running smoothly.