Modular Fabrication

STI Group can deliver turnkey services including fabrication, assembly, painting, insulation, heat tracing, electrical and instrumentation.


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Modular Fabrication

Providing Process Equipment Skid & Modular Fabrication Internationally

At STI Group, we specialize in modular fabrication, providing comprehensive, turnkey services that include fabrication, assembly, painting, insulation, heat tracing, electrical, and instrumentation. With our extensive expertise in modular assembly technology and systems, we guarantee top-quality results and harness all the inherent advantages of modular fabrication in every project

With industry trends leaning to more “shop” oriented and less “field” oriented project execution, it only made sense for STI to mesh our core competencies to provide modular and skid services for our customers. We are only limited to overall module dimensions allowed to freight by rail and truck.

STI Group-Fabrication serves the following industries:

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Refining
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Drilling
  • Energy
  • Power Generation

Specialized Module Fabrication Services

At STI Group, we take pride in our ability to offer specialized services tailored to your unique needs. Among these are our skid module and modular pipe rack fabrication services. Our fabrication facility, a hub of innovation and precision, is equipped with the latest technology. This includes advanced modular welding fixtures and dedicated fixture tables, all designed to ensure the highest level of quality in our work. Whether you need a custom skid module or a complex pipe rack system, you can trust our commitment to precision and excellence. We employ Six Sigma methods to enhance our modular fabrication operations. Learn how we apply Six Sigma in our modular fabrication projects.

Modular Installation and Design Services

Our expertise extends far beyond fabrication. We offer a comprehensive suite of modular installation and design services, ensuring a seamless transition from the fabrication process to the final installation. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle a wide range of installation types, ensuring that your project is executed flawlessly, regardless of its complexity.

When it comes to installation, we handle everything from modular building installation to prefabricated building installation. Our team is trained to install a wide variety of modules, ensuring that they are securely and correctly placed. We understand that the installation process is just as critical as the fabrication process, and we take great care to ensure that every module is installed with precision and care.

Innovative Modular Skid Fabrication

We are innovators in the field of modular fabrication. Skid modules are crucial in many industries, serving as the backbone for various systems and processes. Recognizing this, we have developed a thorough and complete approach to skid module fabrication designed to meet your specific requirements.

We work closely with you to design skid modules tailored to your specifications, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your operational requirements.

Once the design phase is complete, our team of skilled fabricators gets to work. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest fabrication techniques, we construct skid modules that are robust, reliable, and built to last. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every module we fabricate meets the highest quality and performance standards. As a company committed to adhering to industry standards, we prioritize compliance with modular building codes.

Our dedication to quality and innovation in modular fabrication has made us the go-to choice for industrial manufacturers and businesses in Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Houston, Port Arthur, TX, and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our modular fabrication services.