Material Processing

STI Group offers Material Processing that includes steel and alloy base materials.


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Material Processing

STI Group offers contract manufacturing services for Material Processing, specializing in steel and alloy base materials. Our shop can provide a range of unit operations in material processing, including plate burning, beveling, shearing, drilling, rolling, bending, 形成, plasma burning, 分裂T, CNC drilling, 应对, 切割, blanking, 狭缝ting, as well as powder and casting metallurgy.

We utilize modernized state-of-the-art equipment to be able to offer services with the latest automated technology in pre-notching, pre-punching, cut-to-length, and post-fabricating combined with the cut-to-length operation. We serve a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, machine shops, fabricators, steel service centers, welding shops, contractors, and providing material handlers for the waste, 废, 港口, and timber industries. No minimum order is required.

The STI Group-  Port Arthur Processing Center began operations in 2006 to provide additional steel fabrication capacity. In 2007, in order to efficiently process plate and structural steel, this facility was converted to the centralized material processing center for STI Group-Fabrication.

今天, STI-Port Arthur provides custom-kitted processed material for its internal fabrication facilities as well as external customers. Well-trained, dedicated people using modern, well-maintained equipment have earned us the enviable reputation for quality and responsiveness. While our craftspeople are key to continued customer loyalty, The STI Group-Port Arthur Processing Center complements them by employing high state-of-the-art technology equipment.

We utilize AutoCAD with SSDCP as well as 3D modeling software to meet customer design requirements. Using SDS/2 and TEKLA, we have the ability to create shop drawings of unprecedented accuracy. Our CAD/CAM system is made available to customers, and our staff technicians can assist with designing and modifying customer drawings.

In addition, our CAD system can accept customer DXF files and feed them directly into our computerized multi-torch 切割 machinery for accuracy and replication. Both quality assurance and simplicity of record keeping are enhanced. The 3D modeling software generates CNC files which are uploaded to our state-of-the-art Peddinghaus processing machinery.

Executing Lean Manufacturing processes and providing comprehensive warehousing, logistics, and inspection services, we are able to consistently deliver a quality product at a reduced cost to our customer. With the implementation of our FabTrol MRP system, we are able to accurately track projects through 8 key areas from the original bid until the final shipment to the customer. With our processing teamwork you will enjoy all the benefits of one-stop shopping. With our bulk material processing equipment, we can cut, 狭缝, form, 形状, and hold the product until you need it

Processing Capabilities

We provide complete contract manufacturing services, specializing in small to large run production work. Plasma 切割 is often a cost -effective alternative for high volume production jobs. Whatever your project scope we can promptly complete your product and have it shipped to you for much less than conventional tooling costs.

  • 16 Gauge Sheet Through 5″ Thick Plate
  • Plate Up To 120″ Wide
  • Templates And Cad Shape
  • Angles, Channels, Beams
  • Tubing, Pipe
  • Plate Burning
  • Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled
  • Galvanized, Floor Plate
  • Hot Rolled Bars, Cold Rolled Bars
  • Square And Re-Square
  • Cutting, Saw Cutting
  • Beveling, Stripping
  • Cut-To-Length Structural Shapes
  • Cnc Drill Line, Coping
  • Drilling, Beveling Bar Grinding
  • Flame Cutting, Welding
  • Shot Blasting, Painting
  • Steel Warehousing
  • Special Packaging
  • Damage Protection
  • Individual Bagging
  • Rust Preventative
  • Bulk Packaging
  • Custom Labeling

STI Group-Fabrication serves the following industries:

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Refining
  • 石油 & Gas Production
  • Drilling
  • 能源
  • Power Generation